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Master thesis: Adaptive Tetrahedral Meshing (m/f/d)

In Finite Element calculations the quality of the mesh clearly influences the accuracy of the results. In practice, engineers rarely have the time to repeat a calculation for several meshes in order to perform a convergence study. Therefore, error estimators are used so that the user gets an impression on the quality of his/her results. Bad quality results usually require a local mesh refinement. Instead of doing this refinement by hand automatic procedures can be coded to refine the mesh in those areas where the error is large. This may also require the redefinition of the boundary conditions and loads on the model.


In previous work a stress error estimator has been implemented in the free software finite element program CalculiX (www.calculix.de; the GNU General Public License applies). Recently, an automatic refinement procedure has been implemented, which has shown to work on simple examples and selected engine components. The topic of this thesis is to evaluate this procedure thoroughly for an extensive set of engine components, and, if needed, improve the procedure in case of problems.


  • Get acquainted with the remeshing procedure
  • Get acquainted with the code (C and FORTRAN)
  • Perform tests on a complete range of engine components such as blades, disks  and casings. Check the effectivity of the refinement
  • Improve the refinement procedure if needed


  • Master studies in engineering or physics (major)
  • Good knowledge of the finite element method
  • Willing to program in C and FORTRAN
  • Good knowledge of the English language


  • Insights into practical work in aviation as an innovative, high-tech industry
  • Exciting jobs that carry responsibility and are performed in an atmosphere of team spirit
  • A personally assigned contact and individual support services
  • Flexible working hours and compensatory time off
  • Networking opportunities


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