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Writer of a bachelor thesis: Automatic Detection of Mesh Intersections (m/f/d)

At MTU the in-house tool Cracktracer3D is used for crack propagation analyses. It is a three-step approach divided in geometry preprocessing, static finite element analysis and computation of crack propagation and direction. These three steps are continued in a loop until the crack stops or sudden ruptures occurs.

During geometry preprocessing, part of the original FE-mesh, which is given as input, has to be re-meshed. The domain which is re-meshed, has to be defined beforehand or can be updated with increasing size of the calculated crack. To reduce the amount of input required from users, the preprocessor should be enabled to automatically select elements for re-meshing itself and update it continuously. This is done by evaluating intersection of meshes.


You will extend the functionality of the Preprocessor it is able to select elements, which need re-meshing based on the current crack count, location, size and shape, while respecting material transitions, boundary conditions and loads. This task includes consideration of possible element types and shapes, implementing methods for checking intersection between elements and of course verification of your work using a variety of test examples.

What to expect:

  • General introduction to Finite Element meshes
  • Introduction into numerical code and methods
  • First glimpse at crack propagation analysis


  • Student of the fields of mechanical, aerospace or software engineering, mathematics, physics or any related field
  • Good understanding of linear algebra and analytic geometry
  • Basic programming or scripting experience, e.g. with Matlab
  • Experiences with FORTRAN, C and/or other compiled languages are a plus
  • Experiences with Linux are a plus
  • Technical English or German are required

We offer

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  • A personally assigned contact and individual support services
  • Flexible working hours and compensatory time off
  • Networking opportunities

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