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Master thesis: Computer Aided Optimization

Topic of the master thesis: Shape Optimization for rotating parts in aero engines

In MTU, a parameter-free Shape Optimization process based on the Vertex Morphing method is employed in the standard design process. A key feature is the adjoint sensitivity analysis implemented in the Finite Element code CalculiX. Gradient information for objective and constraint functions of interest are calculated, e.g. mechanical stresses, which are required for the gradient-based evolution of the design towards optimum.

In real size optimization problems, geometrical constraints must generally be taken into account. Different parts are often fixed together by bolted flanges including a snap-fit. To ensure the predicted load carrying behavior, the mating surfaces of this flange have to stick together. For this reason, a geometrical constraint ensuring the sealing of flange faces in the optimization should be developed. 


  • Familiarzation with the parameter-free shape optimization method and the adjoint sensitivity analysis
  • Implementation of the geometrical constraint ensuring the flange sealing during the optimization
  • Application of the method to academic examples and real engine parts as well as analysis of the result and the feasibility of the method


  • Student in the field of engineering, physics or any related field
  • Good knowledge of the finite element method
  • Willing to program in C and FORTRAN
  • Good knowledge of English 
  • High level of personal initiative and structured way of working


  • Insights into practical work in aviation as an innovative, high-tech industry
  • Exciting jobs that carry responsibility and are performed in an atmosphere of team spirit
  • A personally assigned contact and individual support services
  • Flexible working hours and compensatory time off
  • Networking opportunities


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