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Master thesis in the field of structural mechanics

Master thesis topic: Transfer of Surface Based Constraints from Un-cracked to Cracked Finite Element Meshes

Aircraft engines are influenced by different environmental circumstances, e.g. Foreign Object Damage (FOD), and complex loading conditions (e.g. excessive LCF). This might lead to cracks, which are evaluated by 3D crack propagation analysis. At MTU this is done by a finite element method based in-house tool called Cracktracer3D.  It utilizes a three-step approach divided in geometry preprocessing, static finite element analysis and computation of crack propagation and direction. These three steps are continued in a loop until the crack stops or sudden ruptures occur. Within the tool, the quality of the predictions largely depends on accurate modelling of loads and boundary conditions.


  • Enable the transfer of surface based constraints (e.g. pressure loads, contact) from un-cracked to cracked finite element meshes
  • Literature research and method development
  • Implementation into Cracktracer3D and verification
  • Building of a test suite for loads, contact and combinations thereof
  • Application to turbine parts


  • Student in the field of mechanical, aerospace (or similar) engineering, mathematics, physics or any related field
  • Basic understanding of linear algebra, analytic geometry and rigid body mechanics
  • Basic programming or scripting experience, e.g. with Matlab, Python
  • Knowledge of technical English or German is a must
  • Experience with Finite Element Method modelling, compiled languages (FORTRAN, C) and/or Linux are a plus


  • Insights into practical work in aviation as an innovative, high-tech industry
  • Exciting jobs that carry responsibility and are performed in an atmosphere of team spirit
  • A personally assigned contact and individual support services
  • Flexible working hours and compensatory time off
  • Networking opportunities


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